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Specific Jobs by School:  
If you are seeking a position in one of the Catholic schools in the Diocese of El Paso, please see possible positions below.  Application forms and background check information are below and to the right.  These applications should be directed to the school where you are seeking a position.  
Central Office of Catholic Education, Diocese of El Paso, (Dr. Lanny K. Hollis, Superintendent; 499 Saint Matthews St. El Paso, TX 79907) 216-872-8426, [email protected] 
  • Beginning in July of 2022:  Executive Assistance to the Superintendent (Please send a cover letter outline your executive experience, resume, and references to the above email) 
  • Possible Opening beginning in July of 2022: Assistance Superintendent (Please send a cover letter outlining schools academic experience and skills, resume, and reference to the above email address)    
Cathedral Catholic High Schools (Mr. Sánchez, Principal; 1809 N. Stanton, St. El Paso, TX 79902): 915-532-3238, [email protected]
  • No open positions reported at this time.     
Father Yermo Schools (Sr. Angélica Omaña, President; 220 Washington St., El Paso, TX 49905): 915-532-6875, [email protected]).   Elementary School Positions to be submitted to Mr. Pena, Elementary School Principal, [email protected] 
  • Elementary School:  Pre-K Teacher
  • Elementary School:  1st-2nd Grade Teacher
  • Elementary School:  4th Grade
  • Elementary School:  Science Teacher, Grades 5-8th Grades
  • Elementary School:  Technology Teacher, Grades 5-8th Grades
  • High School: Social Studies Position  
  • Currently seeking an Administrative Assistance for an immediate opening.    
Loretto Academy (Sr. Mary Beth Boesen, President; 1300 Hardaway St., El Paso, TX  49903): 915.566-8400, [email protected]
  • No open positions reported at this time.       
St. Joseph Catholic Grade School (Mrs. Hernández, Principal; 1300 Lamar St., El Paso, TX 79903): 915-566-1661,  [email protected]
  • No open positions reported at this time.    
St. Matthew Catholic Grade School (Ms. De La Cruz, Principal; 400 West Sunset Rd., El Paso, TX 49922): 915-581-8801, [email protected]
  • Elementary School:  Music Teacher 
  • Currently seeking an Receptionist/Clerical candidate for an immediate opening. 
St. Patrick Cathedral Catholic Grade School (Mrs. Carreón, Principal; 111 N. Stanton St., El Paso, TX  79902): 915-532-4142, [email protected]
  • No open positions reported at this time.   
St. Pius X Catholic Grade School (Mrs. Macías, Principal; 1007 Geronimo Dr., El Paso, TX  79905): 915-262-4846, [email protected]
Positions for the 2022-2023 School Year (positions might combine depending a candidate's skills, experience, and/or licensures):
  • Kindergarten (5-year olds) Grade Teacher 
  • 1st Grade Teacher 
  • Mid-school Religion Teacher 
  • Possible Part-time High School Algebra Teacher 
  • Possible Library Manager or Librarian  
St. Raphael Catholic Grade School (Mrs. Fernández, Principal; 3210 Woodside Dr. , El Paso, Texas 79925): 915-598-2241, [email protected]
  • Full-time 3rd Grade Teacher 
  • Full-time PE Coach/Teacher
Most Holy Trinity Catholic Grade School (Mr. Horan, Principal; 10000 Pheasant Rd., El Paso, TX 79924): 915-751-2566, [email protected] 
  • Full-time Pre-K Teacher
  • Part-time Custodian   
Positions Outside the El Paso Diocese 
Diocese of Victoria, Texas 
  • Director of Admissions and Marketing
  • Business Manager 
  • Principal
  • Please see the Diocese of Victoria website for specifics and other employment opportunities:  https://victoriadiocese.org/employment-opportunities
  • Contact:  Dr. John Quary, Superintendent of Schools

    Diocese of Victoria in Texas, 1505 E. Mesquite Lane, Victoria, TX 77901

    361.573.0578, [email protected]

Diocese of Brownsville, Texas