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Elementary School Athletics

Catholic Schools Athletic League
El Paso Catholic elementary schools make up the Catholic Schools Athletic League (CSAL). The sports program of the El Paso Catholic Schools is an integral part of the total education program. It must, therefore, be in harmony with the education objectives. 


All interscholastic athletic activities must teach:


  • An individual to be a responsible and contributing team member
  • Selfless effort in working with others to reach a common goal
  • Appreciation of others efforts, whether they be teammates, opponents, officials, or coaches


Athletic activities are a significant, valuable community effort, which foster loyalty, promote school spirit and student participation, and develop healthy competition and sportsmanship. Goals of the athletic program need to be meaningful to all the members of the community.

The main objectives of the Catholic Schools Athletic League are the following:


  •   Promote Christian atmosphere where students grow in respect for the dignity of each  
  •   Person (especially during competition), and concern for others
  •   Develop qualities of leadership, humility, and good sportsmanship
  •   Teach game fundamentals and teamwork
  •   Improve skills and have fun


Each school which participates in this league is obliged to contribute in its own way to the realization of the purpose of the total education ministry. Each school must answer for itself:  How does the sports program spread the message of the Gospel? How does the coaching philosophy reflect the values of Jesus?