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Message from Superintendent


Dear Parents, Benefactors and Supporters of Catholic Education:

As we continue into the second decade of this century, we look back to a school system built on the dedication and support of numerous religious communities of women and men. Today, our schools are predominately staffed by dedicated laywomen and men who continue the legacy of Catholic education – to form our youth in their faith and to equip them to go out into our broader community and make a difference in the lives of those they encounter.

Our graduates are found at all levels of our civic and religious community and continue the traditions of their respective schools. Followed by the challenge of our bishops in their latest document on Catholic education, Renewing Our Commitment to Catholic Elementary and Secondary Education in the Third Millennium, the Summit on Catholic Education in Texas and our own local summit, we are ready to renew our own commitment to the four-fold purpose of Catholic education: to teach the tenets of our faith, live them out our in a community setting, provide opportunities for prayer and liturgical celebrations and to be of service to others. We accept the challenge "to make Catholic education affordable and accessible" to all those who desire it for their children.

Each of our schools offers a unique opportunity for your child. We are in the process of realigning our curriculum to the common core standards to offer an even more rigorous academic education and expand our faith formation to include more opportunities for adult formation for our faculties/staffs and for our parents who are the first teachers of their children.

The formation and education provided our students will last a lifetime and impact lives in ways we cannot imagine possible.  The seeds of faith planted by the countless numbers of women and men religious in this area are bearing fruit today and the seeds sown today will be harvested by others. 

We invite you to visit our schools and find the one that you think will best fit the needs of your child.  Enroll them today to set them on a path that will nurture them along the way and last a lifetime. More important than investing in material things, retirement, vacations/trips is investing in a person – your child! These things are fleeting – the life of your child and their potential isn't!

Steve Sanchez