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Why Catholic Education?

Education has been referred to as the "lighting of a fire".  What sparks that initial flame and keeps it shining?  In the Diocese of El Paso, we believe academic subjects to be important, which is why we place a great emphasis on excellent academics within our schools.  However, we also understand that the lit fire needs something deeper to continue shining bright.  In a world where God is taken out of the picture in so many places, we put Him at the forefront of what we teach.  He is the reason for our schools and the inspiration for the way in which we live our lives.  In Catholic schools, students are taught that each person has a purpose.  While we strive to prepare our students for high school and college, we also strive to prepare them for a greater place. 

In the Diocese of El Paso, we believe that parents have the wonderful responsibility of being the primary educators of their children.  Catholic schools have the privilege of working alongside parents and further emphasizing what is taught in the home.  Our schools are committed to the academic growth, spiritual formation, emotional well-being, social awareness, and physical development of each student.  Catholic schools prepare responsible Christian citizens for the challenges of leadership through reverence for God, respect for humanity, and service to the global community.


Why Catholic education? Here is what we know you will find universally true of all our schools:


• We teach knowledge of our Catholic faith that is age appropriate.

• We provide a strong moral foundation for all students.

• We offer safe, disciplined environments with dedicated teachers.

• We seek to make our students, parents and grandparents feel welcome.

• We teach the importance of serving others through stewardship of time, talent and treasure.

• We prepare our students for college.

• We offer a variety of extracurricular activities like sports, diocese science fair, speech festival/tournament and music to ensure well-rounded students.

• We provide financial aid for students in need.


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